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a cake made to look like the number eight with candy and candies on it
10”Cardboard Number Mache Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fillable Sweets Candy Container Box (White, 1)
the letter e is made out of cardboard and decorated with candy
a birthday cake made out of candy and lollipops
Geschenktorte 🍫
a frozen princess cake with frosting on top
Elsa Motivtorte // „Die Eiskönigin“
Was eine tolle Idee. Perfekt für einen magischen #Kindergeburtstag zum Motto #DieEiskönigin. Danke hierfür. Dein Team #kindergeburtstag #eiskönigin #frozen #anna #elsa #torte
a blue birthday cake with a video game controller on the top and happy 9th birthday written in black
a white cake topped with lots of cupcakes and a unicorn face on top
Einhorn Torte - Das Highlight auf jeder Prinzessinen-Party »
Einhorn Torte - Das Highlight auf jeder Prinzessinen-Party »
there are several pieces of cake with sprinkles on it and the words superschnul und simple
Konfetti-Kuchen vom Blech | Backen macht glücklich
a pink and white cake with the word one on top
Next Level Cakery LLC