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a person is using a power drill to attach a rope on top of a table
How to Make a PVC DIY Cat Scratching Post
Give your cat something else to scratch on OTHER than your couch! Using a pre-cut piece of PVC, wood round, and a little rope, this can be made in a short amount of time. Gluing the rope into place with a Surebonder battery powered hot glue gun makes the process go quickly. This idea can be adapted for use in a cat condo, tower, or cat tree. Make it taller with a longer piece of PVC. Customize with carpet, felt, or upholstery material. #SBMakerFamily #catpost #pvc
two cats laying on top of cat trees
Cool Cat Houses For Cool Cats - DIY Cat Houses
a cat sitting on the floor next to a box with its owner feeding it and texting genius tips & hacks for cat owners that will change your life
18 Cat Tips for Homemade Cat Food, Trees, & Toys
a red colander with the words 10 litter box tips i wish i had known about
Cat Litter Options
a woman laying on top of a dog bed
WROS Human Dog Bed, 71''x45''x12'' Size Fits You and Pets, Washable Faux Fur Dog Bed for People Doze Off, Napping Orthopedic Dog Bed, Present Plump Pillow, Blanket, Strap - Grey
PRICES MAY VARY. Excellent New Relax & Napping: WROS Human dog bed can provide a new way to enjoy better rest and napping, human dog bed can even accommodate you and your pet to rest and play in it at the same time Moms Embracing-like sense of security: 71*45*12 IN Dog beds for Large dogs provide oversized surround, The thick bolster allows you to tuck your hands and feet into it, just like lying in the arms of mom, warm, peace of mind. Effectively relieve your anxiety. Comfortable & Convenient:
a poster with a cat and a shadow of a flea on the wall that says, have you seen fleas on your cat? find out how to get rid of them fast
Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats And Dogs (A Vet’s Top Choices)
a black and white cat wearing a green collar with the words how to make an easy flea collar for cats
How To Make A Flea Collar For Cats
an outdoor cat enclosure is shown with the words, expensive outside cat enclosure
Save This Idea: Build an Inexpensive Outside Cat Enclosure
Build an outside cat enclosure on a $50 budget & tool-free plan. Garden stakes, wildlife netting, and zip ties create a simple, stable space for your cat. Ideal for milder climates. #outsidecatenclosure #outdoorcatenclosure #catio #cats #catlovers