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Süsse Luftballon Nachricht😇
a hand holding a jar filled with colorful sticky notes and writing on the inside of it
18 Geschenkideen für besondere Tage – Sky Radtke - DIY
18 Geschenkideen für besondere Tage - Sky Radtke #besondere #geschenkideen #radtke
two presents are stacked on top of each other with the words, i don't even
125 Ideen um einen selbstgemachten Adventskalender zu befüllen
DIY Adventskalender füllen: 125 Ideen für die Füllung // Adventskalender Inhalt für Erwachsene & Kinder, Gutscheinideen, Süßigkeiten und gesunde Alternativen
a card with the words in german and english on it, against a wooden background
Wanddeko -
Druck/Wandbild/Print: Segenswunsch - Winter von Die Persönliche Note auf
the pop up card cut - out to help your little make for their mom or dad
DIY Pop-up Cutout Card. This was super easy to print and turn into a card. I also included some cut out hearts in the negatives space and folded up an envelope with some more cut out hearts to match
two handprints with the names of each child's hands in pink and blue
Family handprint, so sweet!
an image of footprints in the sand with text overlay that reads, repack's project & gift idea footprints stepping stone
Footprint Stepping Stone ~ I Watch Them Grow
This DIY footprint stepping stone is a perfect keepsake for the garden! Makes a really cute gift for grandparents and Mother's Day or Father's Day!
an assortment of painted rocks sitting on top of a tree branch with birds perched on them
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some rocks are sitting on the ground next to each other and one is made out of glass
Creative Ways to Use Rocks in the Garden
Got Stones? Creative, Easy and Artsy Ways to Use Rocks in the Garden! • Tips, ideas & Tutorials!
a bottle of jack daniels whiskey sitting on top of a sink
30 Handmade Gift Ideas for Men - Suburble
Screw having a man cave I'm going to have a girl one with wine bottle decorations and whiskey bottles mostly jack