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there is a bunk bed in the room with ladders hanging from it's sides
Project GL_H_380
a room filled with lots of lights hanging from it's ceiling next to a black wall
Espacio Fundación Telefónica: Jim Campbell. Ritmos de Luz
a bed room with a large bed under a sky filled with star shaped lights on the ceiling
Leuchtsterne Kinderzimmer - 400 Leuchtsterne selbstklebend mit beruhigender Leuchtkraft von Homery, Leuchtsticker Kinderzimmer Aufkleber - Inkl. Kreativ & Sternzeichenanleitung
solar system with planets hanging from the ceiling
Lidor - Mobiel met planeten | Solar system planet mobile
people are sitting on benches in an airport lobby with many lights shining down from the ceiling
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