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a drawing of two furry animals, one is white and the other is black with blue eyes
lydario User Profile | DeviantArt
a drawing of a green and blue bird
KWILION by lydario on DeviantArt
KWILION by lydario
three different types of pokemons are shown in this drawing, one is green and the other is pink
GILIZARD + KOMODON by lydario on DeviantArt
three different types of pokemons in various poses
ZAPPY GOATS by lydario on DeviantArt
ZAPPY GOATS by lydario
an image of a cartoon character that is in the air with his arms out and legs spread
POLTERGEIST by lydario on DeviantArt
POLTERGEIST by lydario
the pokemon x and y pokemon ruby logo is displayed on an iphone screen, with text below
Heacross evolution
a drawing of a pikachu with big red eyes and long tail, standing in front of a blue background
COASTINI by ArmoroAndBeyond on DeviantArt
COASTINI by on @DeviantArt
three different types of sea creatures with their names in the bottom right hand corner, and two
Water Starter from Darksilvania