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a firework is shown with the text how to stay safe on bonfire night with garden fireworks
Have a Sparkling Yet Safe Bonfire Night with Garden Fireworks
Make the most of bonfire night in your own garden with these top tips for safely setting off fireworks at home. Learn about legal requirements, setting up a safe zone, proper firework handling and more for a fun and accident-free Guy Fawkes night. #bonfirenight #fireworksafety #gardenfireworks #guysandbonfires #staysafe #firesafety #fireworkdisplay #diyfireworks #bonfirenightparty #gunpowderplot
a fairy figurine sitting on top of a tree stump surrounded by greenery
Secret Fairy Garden
Keep that fairy garden secret above everyone’s head. No-one will know you have fairies if they are tucked away in a tree! Use a sturdy bracket or hang fairy houses from a branch and giggle to yourself as people pass beneath. Only the birds will know!
a telescope with the text how to get started with backyard astronomy expert guides see here
Backyard Astronomy: A Great Activity to Do With Your Kids
Looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with kids? Backyard astronomy awakens curiosity about the night sky. This article shares tips on observing stars, planets, constellations and meteor showers. Learn kid-friendly apps, equipment, and games to inspire the next generation of star gazers. #backyardastronomy #stargazing #kidsactivity #outdoorfun #nightsky #observingtips #planets #stars #constellations #educationoutside
a small blue door in the woods next to a tree with steps leading up to it
Simple Fairy Garden
The simplest of fairy gardens are doors placed against tree trunks, fencelines, or plant pots. This gives the illusion of fairies without creating a whole garden of tiny things to clean. The miniature broom and welcome sign add character. If you have regular visits from kids swap these out so they don’t get bored. How about a little pair of shoes or a tiny basket of acorns?
a wooden sign sitting in the middle of a pile of wood planks that says gnome workshop, unicorn stables, fairy ring
Fairy Garden Sign
Inject some magic into your fairy garden with a magical sign – gnomes, unicorns, and fairies were here! Little signs spread around the garden to create a treasure hunt is a cute way to entertain young and older guests. They could point the way to treasure at Halloween, Easter, and birthdays throughout the year.
a fairy garden in a pot on the ground
Fairy Garden Plant Pot
The very best way to make use of a broken pot – a recycled fairy garden! Here we can see the broken sections have been repurposed to create areas that hold pot plants in place and create a winding pathway to the fairy house door. It’s portable and easy to clean too!
two white plates sitting on top of moss covered ground
Fairy Garden Furniture
Here’s a lovely idea that makes a pretty and unusual piece of fairy garden furniture. It’s a sink created from a tower of pebbles and an upturned shell. So simple and so effective! You could use this in lots of ways such as a table, a bird bath, a reading lamp, a storage area for tiny books. The options are endless.
two jars filled with different types of plants and mushrooms
Fairy Garden Terrarium
Check out this inexpensive way to build a fairy garden in a terrarium. These cheap mason jars are just as good as a pricey terrarium and they still keep the dust off. Mason jars are made from tough stuff, so if your kid is playing with this they’re a safer bet. No-one likes to nag ‘be careful’ every few seconds and no kid will be able to keep their hands to themselves with these beauties.
there is a miniature garden with strawberries and flowers
Fairy Garden Decorating
Every fairy garden needs an actual garden! Check out the magical picnic area complete with stick-made picnic bench and chairs, a patio of flat beach stones, and bowls of fresh berries. Nothing will go to waste here because the birds will find this finest fairy feast and clear it up for you.
a teacup filled with moss and mushrooms on top of a saucer next to a toad figurine
Small Fairy Garden
A tinsy-tiny fairy garden in a teacup – could you find anything smaller! This small fairy garden is too cute for words and best of all you can take it anywhere you please. It would make a great gift – we love the ladybird that gives it a sense of scale.
a fairy garden with flowers and rocks in the ground, including a small house surrounded by greenery
Fairy Garden Craft
Craft this fairy garden from wood, moss, pebbles, and rose petals. It’s reminiscent of a hobbit hole but much tinier. Crafting a fairy garden is great fun and you can personalise it however you’d like. The majority of these crafting materials you could find on a walk so it’s low cost too and healthy for all the family.
a small garden with lots of plants and rocks on the ground next to a fence
Large Fairy Garden
If you’ve got a border where nothing will grow it makes sense to create a large fairy garden. The great thing about this is the blue stone river that pulls the separate areas together. Love the mini canoe ready for a day of fun and the old wooden crates adding interest too!
Here’s perfection in fairy house design that you could create indoors or out. Love the pathway and river made from coloured glass and that mossy front garden! This is perfect as it is, and you can add to it over the years making it a hobby rather than a one-off project. Kawaii, Miniature Gardens
Fairy Garden Design
Here’s perfection in fairy house design that you could create indoors or out. Love the pathway and river made from coloured glass and that mossy front garden! This is perfect as it is, and you can add to it over the years making it a hobby rather than a one-off project.
the ultimate children's guide to growing projects at school, expert guide see here
The Ultimate Guide to School Gardening Projects
Looking for fun garden projects to do with students at school? This comprehensive guide has everything you need to start growing! Find tips for planning school gardens, suggested plants and lessons for each grade, integrating gardens into curriculum, getting community/parent involvement and more. Let the learning bloom! #schoolgarden #gardeningkids #classroomgarden #teachingresource #handsonlearning #gardenlessons #gardenactivities #schoolgardenideas #gardeninspiredlearning #kidsgardening
an arrangement of flowers and decorations on a long table with pink, green and white stripes
Fairy Garden Tea Party
The best tea parties have fairies! Next time you want to throw a fairy garden tea party decorate with artificial grass, pretty teacups, and flowers with eyes to make them come alive. Who knows where the fairies are but any birthday kid is going to love this fairy theme tea party, they’ll be the talk of school all week.