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a man holding a bag of chips in front of his face and the caption reads, my kid coming into the bathroom while i'm taking a dump to ask if he can eat a family size of chips for dinner
Parenting Memes and Moments Child-Rearers Can Relate To
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20 memes about funny moments in women's life
a meme with the caption that reads, my kid can't go to the park? me tomorrow, ok? my kid as soon as soon as i open my eyes
The Funniest Parenting Memes of the Week (August 25, 2022)
a man in a suit and tie with the caption when you open a snack for your kid and take your cut
When you open a snack for your kid and take your cut nous Consider, this ade With mate a professional courtesy. - iFunny
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a woman is looking at the camera and has an awkward message about her husband's death
My pretended she was a hired cleaner yesterday as. As she helped me clean she asked if I had any kids. After telling her about my 2 I asked if she had any of her own. Turns out she has 5 kids and has been married to a man named Carlin for 30 years. You think you know someone. - iFunny
a man singing into a microphone with the caption me it's bedtime goodnight my kids i don't wanna close my eyes
25 Memes that Sum up How Hard Bedtime is with kids.
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