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flowers with text overlay that says how to grow grass leafed hoya
Hoya Retusa Care – How To Grow Grass Leafed Hoya
Hoya Retusa are one of the easiest plants to care for. They’re practically indestructible. It’s commonly known as the grass leafed hoya due to flat, slim foilage. They sit best in hanging planters, so you can have them trailing anywhere in the home. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know to care for your hoya retusa. Read more...
white flowers are growing on the purple leaves
hoya merrillii
three green and white leaves on the ground next to some brown mulchy grass
growing trilliums, with tony avent of plant delights
TONY AVENT of Plant Delights Nursery and the Juniper Level Botanic Garden in North Carolina operates one of the largest [read more…]
a bunch of green beans hanging from a string
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some red leaves are hanging from a branch
Hoya Sigillatis
several different colored plants in pots on the ground
Homalonema sp. pulau lingga | Plant goals, Pretty plants, Variegated plants
a person holding up some leaves on top of a white table next to a window
Houseplant Hobbyist on Twitter
several potted plants with white and green leaves
a close up view of a flower with long white and pink flowers in the background
Orchid (Bulbophyllum medusae)
Orchid (Bulbophyllum medusae) | Bulbophyllum medusae. This o… | Flickr
a small white flower with red and black petals
Hare or Rabbit Orchid
Hare / Rabbit Orchid: Leptoceras menziesii [Synonym: Caladenia menziesii]. From Cape to Cape Track. Western Australia
a potted plant with white and green leaves on a black table next to a gray wall
Black Sheep (Dracaena surculosa)
Plants are the Strangest People: Black Sheep (Dracaena surculosa) Milky Way