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three strawberries next to a jar of strawberry jam on a mat with white flowers
Rezept für Marmelade aus Erdbeeren und Holunderblüten
two wooden canoes are decorated with plants and seashells
a wooden walkway between two white planters on top of a roof garden area with rocks and gravel
Mooie strakke & moderne plantenbakken |
some very pretty green grass in a field
Oreocharis mairei
Oreocharis mairei is a plant in the family Gesneriaceae.
some very pretty flowers and plants by the road
Sandfrauchen, Kleines Gräserlexikon D - L
an old window is covered in snow and decorated with small christmas trees, potted plants and wreaths
a metal ball sitting on top of a trash can next to a wooden fence with the words cement garden orb with rope
DIY Garden Orbs and Spheres: How to Create Stunning Outdoor Decorations on a Budget - Casa Refined
Looking for a fun and affordable way to add some unique charm to your garden? Try making your own DIY garden orbs and spheres! With just a few simple supplies and some creativity, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind decorative pieces that will elevate the look of your outdoor oasis. #DIY #gardening #gardendecor #gardenideas #orbs #spheres #outdoordecor #diyprojects
a tree with a lantern hanging from it's trunk in front of a house
Our New Backyard: Outdoor Kitchen Counter
Outdoor light made out of dead tree stump and thriftstore lantern.
a circular metal object hanging in the middle of trees and bushes with birds on it