Język niemiecki

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a poster with a clock on it that says what time is in the german language
an image of street signs in german with words written below the sign and on each side
the german language is shown with different words and numbers in each language, including one for each
a table with different types of words and numbers on it, including the names of each word
Sinónimos de sentimientos
an image of different types of office supplies
a german birthday card with balloons and gifts
Learn German Language Words!
a poster with german words and an image of a woman holding a pointer in front of a stack of books
Learn German Language Words!
an image of dogs doing different things in the same language as words and numbers on paper
a cartoon character is shown in the middle of this book page, which includes four different characters
Deutsch DAF Mittelstufe (B1) Arbeitsblätter - Beliebteste AB (5041 Results)
Wortschatz Deutsch: Adjektive
a worksheet with numbers and symbols for children to learn how to read them
Der Morgenkreis
the words are written in german on a piece of paper with an orange and black border
Deutsch als Fremdsprache Archive | Sprachheld
two children are sitting on the ground in front of a blue background with words that say,
50 Dinge, die Sie sagen können, um ein Kind zu ermutigen