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there is a can and a paper plate on the stand next to eachother
Diese Instrumente kannst Du sofort nachbauen
Mini Lid Banjo craft
several white candles are lined up next to each other on a table with plastic toys
a wooden stick with some nuts on it
a bunch of nuts hanging from a string on a black background with words describing them
a wind chime made out of sticks on a tile floor with beads hanging from it
I Love Forest School | Woodland wind chime, this uses bamboo but Elder might be worth a go, even if you cant entirely push the pith out with a knitting needle it tends to de... | Facebook
a blue dragonfly sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of wood
Inspirierende Ideen für Herbstbasteln mit Kindern
Idee für Herbstbasteln mit Kinder
an orange ukulele leaning against a white wall
10 SIMPLE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS KIDS CAN MAKE , #Instruments #Kids #music #simple
an old wooden instrument sitting in the grass