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Home is wherever I am. As a child, I lived in Hawai'i and New Zealand (Aotearoa). Wherever my family and friends are...India, Oceania, Asia, Italy, San…
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When is it time to move on? – Diving Deep
𝔪𝔢𝔞 on Twitter: "lil green moodboard for you… "
Create a life you want . . #createlife #createthelifeyouwant #yougotthis #quote #sparklesnsprouts

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Santorini, Greece This at the top of my bucket list!
beach house
Cinque Terre travel blog — The fullest Cinque Terre travel guide for a great trip on a budget for the first-timers - Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information!

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stairs leading up to the top of a building with an umbrella over them and blue water in the background
22 Photos That Prove Santorini is Heaven on Earth - One World Just Go
an open doorway leading to the ocean with blue and white architecture on it's sides
TJL#3#My Heart Is In Greece √ - Crazy Brother!
an ornate blue door is shown in front of a building
20 Antique Metal and Wood Exterior Doors Bringing Charm of Unique Vintage Style
Blue doors.
an old building with balconies on the top floor
Paris Guide What Olivia Did
Beautiful Paris
a potted plant sitting on top of a white building next to the ocean and blue sky
Cyclades, the beautiful islands of your ideal summer vacation in Greece
a white and blue dome on top of a building next to the ocean with water in the background
Santorini | Santorini | calvinfy | Flickr
an arched window with a view of the ocean and boats in the water behind it
Terrace detail
Mykonos , Greece
the stairs lead down to an ocean view with blue sky and clouds in the background
a butterfly with the words if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you
When is it time to move on?
When is it time to move on? – Diving Deep
the words you are entirely up to you on a dark green background with white lettering
𝔪𝔢𝔞 on Twitter
𝔪𝔢𝔞 on Twitter: "lil green moodboard for you… "
george bernard shaw quote about finding yourself and finding your self on white paper with black ink
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Create a life you want . . #createlife #createthelifeyouwant #yougotthis #quote #sparklesnsprouts