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an indoor market with lots of items on display
Joan of Bark RC3 Artist Alley Booth
I went with a witchy cottagecore feel for my artist alley table branding. It’s a work in progress, but for my first comic con I’d say it’s not too shabby. :)
the diagram shows how to use shelves for storage
AA Tips: A Guide to Grids
a drawing of a shelf with several shelves on each side and two hanging racks above it
Yamino, Designing a vending space: yet another thing they...
a wire basket sitting on top of a counter
ダイソーのアイテムだけで作れる「傾斜台」が便利すぎる……! 姿勢の悪いデスクワーカーの救世主になりそう
ダイソーのアイテムだけで作れる「傾斜台」が便利すぎる……! 姿勢の悪いデスクワーカーの救世主になりそう - ねとらぼ
an instagram page with stickers on it and the caption for night care
the booth is set up with many items on it, including cards and pictures for sale
Kyle Gentry on Instagram: “Spooky Empire Oct 2022 is go! Come get my new Macabre McMorbidly Family Album art book and with it the freebie “m” cup gift package with…”
an assortment of greeting cards and magnets are on display in a booth at the convention