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an open book with pictures of people and animals in the middle one is surrounded by other figures
René I d'Anjou, Traité de la forme et devis comme on peut faire les tournois.
an old book with a drawing of people in the foreground and a city on the far side
e-codices – Bibliothèque virtuelle des manuscrits en Suisse
an old book with pictures of people in medieval dress and on the cover is a drawing of
Hussite Weapons/Armor Sources
an old medieval painting with people and animals
Galerie de Manuscrits médiévaux : un monde à part.
an illuminated manuscript with a medieval scene in the middle, and two men standing near tents
Image of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
an old painting shows people in a boat
Français 64
an old painting with people dressed in medieval clothing and holding swords, surrounded by tents
Larp, 15th Century Armor, Medieval Archer, Military History
an illustration of three knights standing in front of a door
Jean Poton de Xaintrailles - Histoire de l'Europe
Étienne de Vignolles (La Hire) et Jean Poton de Xaintrailles - enluminure du XVe siècle
an image of men in medieval armor standing next to a horse and another man sitting on the ground
Pinturas y códices de la Edad Media - Página 152
Conquistador, Flamenco, Cavalier, Pike, Religion, Military Art
a figurine is holding a flag and riding a horse on a black surface
Сoutillier. Compagnie d’ordonnance by Vladimir_Golubev · Putty&Paint Models, Concept Art, Tin Man, Figures, Armours, Vladimir
Сoutillier. Compagnie d’ordonnance by Vladimir_Golubev · Putty&Paint
Сoutillier. Compagnie d’ordonnance by Vladimir_Golubev · Putty&Paint
an image of a battle with men dressed in medieval armor and holding flags on the ground
two figurines are standing next to each other on a small island with barrels
Аrtillery position, XVct. by SergeyPopovichenko · Putty&Paint
Аrtillery position, XVct.
a man in armor riding on the back of a horse
Pemberley Dreams
Pemberley Dreams
Warriors, Figurine, Statue, Sparta Warrior
French coustiller
French coustiller
a figurine of a man riding a horse on top of a table next to other items
Burgundian ducal group - WIP
Je Lay Emprins: Burgundian ducal group - WIP
an illustration of a man riding on the back of a horse
Le Grand Armorial de la Toison d'Or
Grand Armorial équestre de la Toison d'Or Jean de La Tremouille Flandres, 1430-1461. Papier, 167 ff. ; 29 x 21 cm BnF, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Ms. 4790 Rés. f. 146v
a man dressed in armor holding a fish and two other men standing behind him with swords
Voorgeschiedenis van Belgie Deel III
Burgundian soldiers
an illuminated manuscript with people sitting on the floor
Archived version of from 2014
Image of Charles the Bold Receiving the Oath of Fealty from his Military Captains, Military ordinance of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, Master of Fitzwilliam 268, Bruges, 1475, Add. MS 36619, f. 5. This volume has been identified as Charles' personal copy of a set of ordinances compiled for the organisation of his standing army. Richly embellished with the arms, devices and mottoes of Charles the Bold, such as his personal arms and those of his 19 principal territories.
German 'High Gothic' knight of the 15th century on campaign Knights, Knight Armor, German Knight, Historical Warriors, Ancient Warfare, Armadura Medieval
German 'High Gothic' knight of the 15th century on campaign
the collage shows many different types of leathers
Brigandines by Shane Chapman
the knights are holding their flags and ready to fight
14th c. 1465 - 67 surcoats
14th c. 1465 - 67 surcoats