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an older man standing in front of a window with the caption when your fish buddy was at the bar hammered at 4 am and still meets you at the dock on time at 6am
a man and woman sitting on top of a couch
two people walking across the street in front of a traffic light, with caption that reads caution of the year
Seriously, this could be live from Vermont on any given winter day. Credit Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington
some people are riding on a roller coaster at an amusement park and the caption reads, me and my future husband better be the epic couple in the back
We need to go to Disneyland for a date, but handcuffed together. Then we'll get home and say our favorite part and our least favorite part lol
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three men sitting at a table in front of microphones
a man holding a fishing rod next to another man
a man sitting at a table next to a brown horse eating from a plate on top of a wooden chair
a woman holding a violin in front of her face with fire coming out of it