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Back pain 🤯
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Single leg balance and hip strength [📹 bonniewilder.dpt]
🌟 Want the secret to becoming a strong and confident runner, have better balance, or reduce hip pain? Work on single leg stability & hip strength ‼️ Amongst many contributing factors, single leg balance, stability, and hip strength are most important to becoming a strong, fast, and confident runner. 💫 Yoga block banded circles work on glute med, hip flexor, and single leg strength. Running is a single leg sport. 80% of the time we’re on 1 leg and 20% on 2 legs. So let’s train like it! Try 3 rounds of 30s alternating L/R foot circles!
Vũ Ngọc Sơn
Overcome turtle neck syndrome ❤️ #vungocson #drson
Vũ Ngọc Sơn
Reduce pressure on the lumbar area 🥰 #vungocson #drson
get rid of annoying back pain!
are you constantly feeling an achy pain in your mid to low back? have you tried massaging and digging at it but nothing seems to help? try these strength and stretch exercises daily to help! credit: docjenfit
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Your lower Back ...
Prevent lower back pain in yoga by prioritizing proper form, gentle stretches, and avoiding overexertion. Engage core muscles, use props for support, and consult a professional if pain persists.
Struggling to improve your hip internal rotation? This often does the trick ✅ ——— #hipmobility #hipmobilitywork #hipflexibility #mobility… | Instagram Inspiration, Pilates Workout, Hip Mobility, Hip Flexor Stretch, Hip Flexibility Stretches, Hip Flexor Exercises, Hip Flexibility
Struggling to improve your hip internal rotation? This often does the trick ✅ ——— #hipmobility #hipmobilitywork #hipflexibility #mobility… | Instagram
Transform Your Strength Training Hacks Today! #corestrength #anatomyart
Discover the key to a healthier lifestyle in our daily videos. Follow us for daily wellness tips! #thaimassages #breathe #hippain #pelvicfloor
Sciatica? Try this stretch
Bye-Bye Back Pain! Discover the Secret to Instant Relief
Best exercises for your back