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a close up of a tile floor with different colored tiles on the top and bottom
Töpfern - Bine Brändle
Pottery - Bine Brändle
a piece of paper with a red design on it next to a pair of scissors
a hand is holding a piece of paper in front of a blue tile wall with intricate designs
several different pictures of buttons on a table
Töpfern - Bine Brändle
Bunt glasierte, selbst gemachte Schmuckstücke. Anhänger selbst töpfern. Anleitung von Bine Brändle.
the table is covered in many different designs
Bine Brändle - Meine bunte Welt - kreativ, bunt und verspielt - Bine Brändle
Toller Hocker oder Beistelltisch! Fliesen mit Reliefmustern selbst töpfern. Glasuren in Türkis-Tönen. Mehr tolle Inspirationen und Töpfer-Anleitungen auf der DVD "Lust auf Keramik, glasieren mit Botz", von Bine Brändle. DVD: English subtitled ;-)
a blue and green plate sitting on top of a white wall
Moroccan wall art by gvega
Turquoise ceramic wall art by gvega
a person is working on a large blue and green tile design in the center of a table
Turquoise wall art by gvega
a person is working on a blue and green ceramic tile design that looks like a flower ornament
Large Outdoor Wall Art Circle Garden Decor With Mandala | Etsy UK