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Supermarket Floor Plan
Grid Store Layout Template | EdrawMax Free Templates

Supermarket Floor Plan

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A linen closet is a space to store linens, but this does not necessarily mean only linen-based materials. It's a place where people keep a variety of household textiles, such as bedding, towels, and tablecloths. With storage for towels and other items, a linen cabinet or linen closet can help clear some clutter from your laundry room. A linen closet is a must-have feature in every home. It does not have to be used for linens; I've seen people use it to store games, toys, and other items.
If you are fortunate enough to have a linen closet already, you can maximize it to hold more and stay organized by reworking the shelving to fit best the size and number of items you need to store. These can be floor-based open shelving units, smaller wall-mounted shelving systems, cubbies, or a new wardrobe-style closet specifically designed for linen storage. The best way to incorporate this linen shelving will be unique to your space.
One of the most trending wardrobe designs in any home interior is the standard wardrobe closet plan. They have an elegant appearance and are simple to put together. They generally have two front doors with hinges, leaving plenty of space in front of the wardrobe for a trouble-free experience. Depending on the Standard wardrobe closet plan, you can choose a single shutter wardrobe. Depending on your preference, you can also accommodate a loft unit on top or a floor-to-ceiling cabinet.

Closet Design

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City Subway Map

Subway Map

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A hospital floor plan is a drawing that visualizes the structure, layout, functioning, and traffic flow of hospitals or health care centers. Hospital floor plan templates help you create space-efficient hospital layouts that imply the proper distribution of space for health and care. EdrawMax is the best hospital floor plan maker as it gives you hospital floor plan examples that you easily customize and a symbols library with thousands of symbols to make a hospital floor plan.
These are fire evacuation icons. An evacuation plan is a tactical planning tool that illustrates the safe exit routes from your home, place of business, or residential neighborhood in the event of an emergency. The evacuation strategy demonstrates how to flee in the event of a fire, flood, accident, or extreme weather. It also gives you crucial information on the procedures you must follow to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the event of a natural disaster or unintentional catastrophe.
A floor plan is a type of drawing that shows the layout from above of a house or other property. Typically, floor plans include information on fixed installations like kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and appliances in addition to information about walls, windows, doors, and stairs. For more floor plan inspirations, go to EdrawMax.

Fire Escape Plan | Evaucation Plan | Emergency Plan

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Here is a floor plan about the park landscape, from which you can see the overall layout of this park. Floor plans are one such tool that bond between physical features such as rooms, spaces, and entities like furniture in the form of a scale drawing. In short, it is an architectural depiction of a building. A floor plan helps plan and decide how to form rooms in the available space and organize it to give it an impressive look on the whole when seen from the top.
You've probably heard of a planting plan and wonder why you'd want one depending on what you use your garden for and what you want to plant; having a planting plan completed before planting your garden can have several different benefits. Creating a planting plan allows you to identify what you want from your garden and then reflect on the planting style. For example, if you wish to make a sensory-style garden, the planting plan should include plants with strong scents and bold colors.
Vegetation is one of the key elements of a landscape plan. Plants, flowers, and trees add beauty to the landscape and improve the environment. The planting plan of a landscape design visually represents the position and quantity of trees, bushes, and other vegetation in the landscape area. Selecting the best place to arrange beautiful and healthy plants makes a healthy and refreshing landscape design.

Garden Design

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This is a seating chart. A seating plan is a diagram or set of written or spoken instructions that shows where people should sit. Come to EdrawMax to create more seating charts!
Frontier Airlines Seating Chart
Delta Seating Chart 767

Seating Plan

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This is a plumbing and piping plan, from which you can see how the pipping is arranged in detail. The plumbing and piping plan clearly displays where the fixtures, pipes, and valves are. Plumbing and piping plans are of great importance when you design a house or building plan. This plumbing and piping plan design guide makes it easy for you to design wonderful plumbing and piping plans. Learn more details from this plan, or just use it immediately.
Co Working Office Center

Office Layout

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This kindergarten classroom layout concept plans your classroom layout before bringing in all your furniture, decorations, supplies, etc. You could sketch your kindergarten classroom layout idea on paper or use an interactive classroom set-up tool. To keep students focused and organized, an ideal kindergarten classroom should have separate areas for different subjects and activities. These learning areas can vary depending on a teacher's curriculum, classroom size, and student population. It's a
This infant classroom design employs a wide range of teaching methods and materials. Infants learn directly through their senses as they interact with their surroundings. With this infant classroom layout, you can create a high-quality infant and toddler environment that promotes infant and toddler development, engagement, and overall well-being. For infants and toddlers, careful consideration and planning can facilitate the development of positive relationships with nurturing and responsive adu
Typically, a floor plan displays structural components such walls, doors, windows, and stairs. Floor plans frequently employ stylised symbols that resemble the form of the elements they represent. On a floor plan, solid lines or dotted lines in various weights and styles can also depict objects and dimensions. This template shows symbols of tables and chairs in floor plans.

Home Plan

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an image of a map with different colored lines on it and the same area for each section
Town Directional Map Overview
This Edraw mind map template provides a comprehensive overview of the town's directional map. It details the layout of streets, landmarks, and essential facilities, offering a clear visualization for navigation and exploration. The template is designed for tourists, locals, and planners alike, facilitating orientation and understanding of the town's spatial structure.
the wiring diagram for an electric vehicle with two lights and one light switch on it
5-Pin Trailer Wiring Diagram
This wiring diagram depicts the connection between a 5-pin trailer connector and a truck's electrical system. The 5-pin trailer connector is commonly used for trailers that require additional functions beyond basic lighting, such as electric brakes or auxiliary power. In this setup, the wiring arrangement of the 5-pin connector typically includes the following wires: ground wire, tail light wire, left turn/brake light wire, right turn/brake light wire, and an auxiliary power wire.
the wiring diagram for an electric vehicle
4-Way Alternator Charing Circuit with Rectifier and Voltage Regulator
This circuit demonstrates the wiring setup for a 4-way alternator with a rectifier circuit and a voltage regulator. The alternator is a crucial component in a vehicle's charging system, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this setup, the alternator is connected to the battery and the vehicle's electrical system using four wires: the main power wire, the sensing wire, the field wire, and the rectifier output wire.
a floor plan for a house with all the furniture and decor labeled in red, green, blue, and yellow
Workplace Safety Diagram
This detailed map outlines the various health and safety risks in a typical workplace or home environment, categorized by hazard type. It is used as a visual tool for hazard identification and risk assessment, aiming to prevent accidents and ensure a safer working or living space. Applies to health and safety officers, facility managers or anyone responsible for maintaining safe conditions.
the floor plan for an office building
Office Layout Design
This is a detailed corporate office floor plan, from edraw’s mind map template. The figure shows the layout of different functional areas within the company, including the reception area, showroom, sales/marketing department, IT department, accounting department, and conference rooms. Each area has been carefully designed to optimize workflow and increase productivity
an office floor plan with several tables and chairs
Cafeteria Floor Plan
This floor plan template from Edraw presents a detailed layout of a cafeteria, including seating areas, serving counters, and other facilities. It is designed to assist in the planning and visualization of cafeteria spaces, ensuring efficient use of the available area. Whether for commercial restaurants, school cafeterias, or hospital canteens, this template provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the cafeteria's layout.
the floor plan for an office building
PTG Offices Floor Plan
The floor plan of PTG Offices, an oil production plant, offers a detailed layout of the workspaces and facilities. It illustrates the arrangement of offices, conference rooms, storage areas, and other critical components. This plan provides a clear visual representation of the building's interior, facilitating navigation and efficient use of space.
the floor plan for an office with two separate rooms and three different areas to each room
Residential Electrical Layout
This electrical floor plan illustrates the electrical system of a residential house, detailing the placement of lights, switches, and outlets in different rooms including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living/dining room, and storage room. It shows various electrical symbols such as ceiling lights, downlights, fans, and different types of switches like single-pole and three-way switches.
a floor plan for a restaurant with tables and chairs
The floor plan of the classroom1
The "Classroom1 Floor Plan" template from EdrawMax offers a detailed layout of a classroom designed to accommodate 24 students. The template features a comprehensive floor plan outlining the spatial configuration of the classroom, including desks, chairs, blackboards, and other necessary fixtures.
a floor plan for a restaurant with seating and tables
Future Classroom Idea
Explore this classroom layout design on EdrawMax. The plan displays the arrangement of teacher's desk, student tables, interactive board, book shelf, and other learning resources. A well-designed diagram can serve as an essential tool for planning, organizing, and managing the classroom environment effectively.
the floor plan for a classroom layout
Classroom Layout
Check this classroom design that supports democratic and problem-based learning. It displays the arrangement of teacher's desk, student desks, computer center, group tables and other learning resources. A well-designed diagram can serve as an essential tool for planning, organizing, and managing the classroom environment effectively.
the floor plan for a restaurant with seating and kitchen areas, including an open concept
The Tech Central Floor plan
Explore this well-designed floor plan designed for a tech center. It shows the arrangement of different rooms and spaces, such as the repair room, the cashiers help center, cooking zone, etc.. The plan also presents the location of the emergency exit. Use EdrawMax to create your own ideal house plan and choose attractive symbols and clip arts to customize your work with ease.
a city map with buildings and a blue marker
3D City Directional Map
This city map shows the overall layout of certain community and its various facilities. In the center of the map, we can see residential buildings, office buildings and other commercial facilities, while the surrounding parks, schools and other public places demonstrate the city's concern for the quality of life of its residents. Urban planning aims to create a comfortable and safe environment and provide convenient living conditions for residents.
the floor plan for an office building with two floors and three levels, all labeled in green
School Hall Fire Evacuation Plan
Here is an example of evacuation plan of an education building. This template shows the layout of the entire areas, the designated evacuation routes and the location of emergency exits. It also marks the placement of fire extinguishers. A well-designed evacuation plan can help to minimize harm to people and property by getting everyone to safety as quickly as possible.
the floor plan for a children's play area
Floor Plan for Pre-K Classroom
This is a floor plan designed for Pre-K Classroom. The plan presents separate learning stations, allowing children to work on different activities independently or in small groups. A well-designed preschool layout can provide opportunities for teachers or caregivers to interact and engage with children in different ways, promoting a personal connection that enhances the learning experience.