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Oil bottle made to order in your colour choices. Names or words can be added if desired. All our glasses are hand painted with love and attention. Each one is unique. We use multi purpose acrylic paint to create our designs and achieve item is hand baked. We wash the glasses before they are despatched. We advise glasses are hand washed only in warm soapy water. They should not be soaked and nothing abrasive should be used on them. Names can be added on the main glass or stem base.


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Easiest way to paint watercolor Peonies
Peonies are having their moment✨. When I heard that they were among the hardest flowers to paint I wanted to try and see if I could come up with a way to teach anyone how to paint them. I tried every way possible and I think I came up with not only the easiest but quickest way to paint these beautiful blooms! 1. Start with an imperfect circle wet on wet technique -wet paint is applied to wet paper This creates a fluid, fun and unpredictable effect. 2. Roll up a paper towel into a ball. Find a side that resembles a “rose” and use that end to soak up some of the paint. - you can choose the center of the circle or even a little off to the side a bit. 3. Use a filbert brush or any oval paint brush to create loos petals around the circle. Depending on how “bloomed” you want your peo
three mason jars filled with pencils and markers
28 Fabulous Painted Mason Jar Ideas from Cutesy to Classic
a blue mason jar with a lit candle inside and a heart shaped hole in it
101 DIY Wedding Mason Jar Ideas You Can't Miss
a jar filled with pencils sitting on top of a table
two jars with candles are sitting on a table
Jar lamp diy
Difficulty: Easy Tools • Jar • Acrylic paints • Brushes
a glass jar with flowers painted on it
A testament to the magic that candles behold.