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Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey
a purple background with the words, i look to you and see nothing spotty
dm for credit
a blue background with the words i made it all look painless man, am the greatest
THE GREATEST - Billie Eilish
a black and white photo with the words you'll change your name, or change your mind
a blue card with the text, i am acting my age now? spotify
Idk, Favorite Lyrics, Love Songs, Me Too Lyrics
an ad for spotify with the words talk to me in songs and poem
Girl, Zitate, Literally
oh no! marina lyrics
an ad for spotify with the caption it's crazy what you'll do for a friend
daddy issues
an advertisement for spotify with the caption'i'll take a quiet life '
an ad for spotify with the caption can i get one conversation at least?
a twitter post that reads, i wasted like half of my summer tryna hold on your hand
an ad for spotify with the caption do you want me or do you not? i heard one thing, now i'm hearing another
happiness is a butterfly - lana del rey