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a vase with flowers and candles sitting on a wood slice in front of a couch
Weiße Tulpen
Baumscheiben passen zu jeder Jahreszeit! Wunderschönen mit einem weißen Tulpen Strauß in Weck Gläschen ❤️
a glass vase filled with flowers and plants on top of a counter next to a white egg
Hase im Glas
an old man and woman standing next to a christmas tree with the caption same staann wij steek
Ich ahne fürchterliches!
Ich ahne fürchterliches! | Lustige Bilder, Sprüche, Witze, echt lustig
the snowman made from baby food jars is on facebook and it looks like they have been
Weihnachtsgeschenke selber machen – Bastelideen für Weihnachten
three wooden stamps with christmas trees and cars on them, one has a rubber stamp that says
Pretty Little Things (A Holiday Wishlist)
a brown box with a red and white lollipop on it next to a spool of twine
DIY Geschenke mit Bäckergarn – miss red fox
two pictures of slippers with soaps and toothbrushes on them
Account Suspended
Best DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Family Or Friends (13 DIY Christmas ? #Christmas #DIY #Family #Friends #Gifts #Ideas #DIY Christmas Gifts #DIY Christmas Decorations #DIY Christmas Ornaments ?
a person holding up a red toe nail polish in front of a purple handbag
Weihnachtsgeschenk für Freundinnen <3
July bullet journal header by @esthersletters on Instagram
a woman holding a framed poster with flowers and money in it's hands,
Ein Geldgeschenk zur Hochzeit ist immer schwierig und in einem Briefumschlag verstecken wirkt immer
a drawing of an object with two circles on the top and one circle at the bottom
Татьяна Ивановская - Шьем мягкие игрушки, подушки и кресла-мешки - стр 24
Татьяна Ивановская - Шьем мягкие игрушки, подушки и кресла-мешки