Louise Bourgeois

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an old woman holding a can of coca cola
‘Aging Pride’ Challenges the Cult of Youth (Published 2018)
an old woman looking at her face in a magnifying glass on a wooden table
Mumbling Beauty Louise Bourgeois | Alex Van Gelder, Jerry Gorovoy, Arezoo Moseni | An Artist Dialogue Series
an old woman with wrinkles on her face
CR Muse: The Surreal Eeriness of Louise Bourgeois
an old woman wearing a crown and holding her hands up
You’ll Never Be This Cool: Call and Response
an old man wearing a black mask holding a knife
Louise Bourgeois’s Final Act
a man standing in front of a window holding a bunch of balls on his chest
Opinion: sexual ties and bonded beauty
a man is walking down the sidewalk carrying a large rock
Veranstaltungen im Haus der Kunst
an older woman sitting on top of a chair covered in a blanket and fur coat
Louise Bourgeois’s Final Act
a woman sitting at a table with a quilt on it
Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)
an older woman sitting at a table with a drawing on it
the cover of louise bourgeois's book, in which he sits on
Louise Bourgeois catalogue | Books | Tate Shop