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a person holding up a wooden clock with moss on it
Часы со мхом из дерева Карагач
a wooden clock with roman numerals on it
a kitchen counter with a large wooden clock on the wall above it and wine glasses
Large Wood Clock crafted from locally sourced Live Edge Black Walnut
Featuring our signature, one of a kind live edge wood clock design. Crafted from the finest, locally sourced live edge black walnut and complimented by a metallic teal epoxy inlay. These are perfect for a focal point in your room design - above a fireplace, in your kitchen/dining area, or in your office space. Shop our collection of completed, ready to ship clocks or contact us today for a custom designed piece! #largeclock #oversizedclock #wallclock #clock #woodclock #hugeclock #featurewall
build a wall clock from recycled materials