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a hand is holding a pink and white teapot with bows on the top, sitting on a table
The sweetest kettle🌸🩰
Insta @stylishcath
four white plates with pink bows on them
Ceramic plates
New ideas for ceramic plates 🎀 DIY #mugs #ceramic #decorideas #decorideasceramic #howtodecor #bows #trend #pink #girltherapy #homedecor #diy #howto
a wooden table topped with lots of white pottery and paint brushes on top of it
☆ kayla
a white tray with red hearts on it
a hand holding a white heart shaped object with a painting of a swan on it
a hand holding a plate with pink bows on it and another plate in the background
there are many different magnets on the refrigerator
clay magnets
#airdryclay #clay #magnets #diy #crafts
a small photo frame with a heart on it
Feeling Down? These Photos Will Make Your Day So Much Better
Have you ever felt that everything in the world is going against you? Do you feel depressed and quite often yell “this is the worst day of my life”? Well, no matter how nice or caring person we are, there is a part in us that feel some sort of satisfaction when other people are doing worse. It doesn’t make us a bad person because most of the times we feel better by thinking that “it could’ve been me”. So, let’s embrace this fact by looking at some pictures that’ll certainly make you feel
Bow handmade ceramic plate
🎀 Bow plate
handmade ceramic bow plates