Things to Do in Seattle

A local shares all the best things to do in Seattle! Explore Seattle off the beaten path with these lists of Seattle things to do in winter, summer, fall, and…
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4 Day Seattle Itinerary
This Seattle travel guide includes everything you need to know for a short trip to Seattle. This Seattle itinerary includes the best places to stay in Seattle, the best things to do in Seattle, and the best day trips from Seattle. It's time to start planning your Seattle vacation today!
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65 Crazy Fun Things To Do in Seattle | Two Wandering Soles
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10 of Seattle’s Best Shopping Destinations
There are a ton of awesome Seattle gift shops throughout the city. But these are the best shopping neighborhoods with a high concentration of stores you can walk between.
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Your Guide to 10 Islands Near Seattle that are Worth a Visit
In this guide I’ll break down all the islands near Seattle, how long it takes to get there, and all the things you must do during your visit. Get ready for an adventure exploring the beautiful islands off Seattle!
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Nature in Seattle - Outdoor Activities Near Seattle - Amateur Traveler
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2 Perfect Days in Seattle
I’m going to cut to the chase: my 2 days in Seattle itinerary is secretly a love letter to this awesome city. I’ve lived here for about 15 years and I love it more and more everyday. Like San Francisco, Seattle is known as a tech hub. But there’s so much more to The Emerald City.
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10 Stunning Day Trips from Seattle
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Step-by-Step Itinerary to the Ultimate Mount Rainier Day Trip from Seattle
Here is my favorite way to spend a day at Mt. Rainier, broken down in a step-by-step itinerary starting and ending in Seattle.
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What to Do in Seattle in the Summer
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8 Best Pampering Seattle Spas
I go to spas more than I’d like to admit. This has allowed me to form an opinion on which ones are best for certain treatments, affordability, and ambiance. If you need to break away from your gadgets and spend the day relaxing, here’s my ultimate list of the best Seattle spas.
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Seattle’s Best Shopping Destinations
Whether you are new to the city, passing through, or a long-term resident, hopefully this will help you get better acquainted with the best shopping neighborhoods in Seattle.
The Best Local Jewelry Makers in Seattle
It is so easy to find Seattle local jewelry! I particularly love buying pieces from Seattle local jewelry makers. They create such unique items that you won’t see in big box stores. You can find every type of jewelry handmade here: wedding or engagement rings, necklaces, earrings… you name it!
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Hidden Gems in Seattle
I love that there are so many hidden gems in Seattle. The best of them are the parks and beaches that make our city so beautiful. So if you really want to explore the city like a local, you’re going to love this list of Seattle hidden gems not nearly enough people are talking about.
Your Guide to The Best Pizza in Seattle
This guide has all my favorites, broken down by pizza style. Get ready to learn where to find the best pizza in Seattle. Find my full guide here →
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20 Romantic Date Ideas in Seattle
If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are the most romantic things to do in Seattle…perfect for long-term couples and new relationships alike.