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a jar filled with water sitting on top of a wooden table next to a forest
A little 'jar of gratitude' for all of you who are supporting independent artists, local makers, creators and small businesses. You are so very appreciated for connecting with our passions, our crafts and creations! Illustration by Raahat Kaduji - @raahatventures -
pink and white flowers are in the field with sunlight shining through them, as seen from behind
Flores - #Flores #fondos
some white leaves on a black background
Farmer's Market Hollywood | Justina Blakeney
TOP FAVES. Esse é um dos meus favoritos. Gosto muito da elegância da estampa, das cores contrastantes. Os tons estão perfeitos. O desenho também.
some very pretty green plants with long stems in front of a white wall or window
All For Color
Island State Co art inspo || colour, texture, layer, design, collect, interior, foliage, plant, flowers, botanical, typography, graphic design, illustration, mixed media, print, magazine || /islandstateco/ #islandstateco #art
watercolor painting of tropical leaves and plants
Plants watercolour iPhone wallpaper
an image of a woman sitting on the ground in front of a mirror with butterflies around her
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Moser, Koloman « vienna secession
four different types of vases are shown in this drawing
"Das triadisches Ballett" una de les moltes genialitats de la Bauhaus, D'Oskar Schlemmer del 1919.
a man and woman sitting at a table drinking wine in front of an image of a dove
a painting of a ballerina dancing in the moonlight
Art Deco Postcard by Carlo Chiostri
a painting of a woman in a dress with blue flowers on it's head
Lovely Art Deco Postcard
a painting of a woman with butterflies on her body and flowers in her hair, sitting next to a flower
Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fashion Postcards by Edith Weber,