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four different views of a face made out of white paper with multiple angles to show how it looks like
Берешь и Рисуешь. Референсы.
a black and white photo of a face made out of paper on a gray background
Atelier Art Classes, Courses and Workshops
a person with bare legs and no shoes standing on a white background in front of a stool
Берешь и Рисуешь. Референсы.
Берешь и Рисуешь. Референсы.
four different images of a woman's face and head, with multiple angles to the left
How To Paint These 21 Digital Portraits (Step-By-Step)
"Marina Nery" by Aaron Griffin (Process Picture)
an eye with brown eyeshade and long lashes
Abstract eyes by Emilio Villalba.
'CAPTURING THE GLIMMERING GLAZE OF THE HUMAN EYE'. Read the full article in our Journal.
a drawing of a hand holding something in the air
Dramatic Anatomical Drawings Comprised of Complex Hatched Colors by WanJin Gim — Colossal
Seoul-based artist WanJim Gim illustrates the form and gesture of the human body using complex hatched layers of color and dramatic lighting. He adds intrigue to poses that could be considered traditional figure drawing studies by adding abstracted lines and watercolor washes that integrate the frag
a close up of a statue of a man's head
How To Make a Mold of Your Head |
How To Make a Mold of Your Head