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A collection of creative trend round-up videos revealing trend predictions and rising visual styles for the year ahead.
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the words video marketing trend is surrounded by photos
9 Dynamic Video Marketing Trends for 2022: From Video SEO to TikTok
Ready to take your video marketing to the next level? From Video SEO to TikTok, here are some of the top video marketing trends to try in 2022 and beyond.
the words motion graphics trend on an orange background with pink and yellow swirls around it
8 Motion Graphics Trends for 2022: From Animated Collage to Kinetic Typography
Ready to put your creativity into into motion? From retro to glitch, here are the top motion graphics trends we predict for 2022.
a man standing in front of an orange circle with the words ux & u trend
Web Design Trends for 2022: From ​​Behavioural Design to Retro UI
Want to know what's trending in the world of web design? Here's the top web design trends for 2022, plus tips for building a sleek, eye-catching website.
8 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2022 Logos, 8 Logo Design, Top Logo Design, Design Trends For 2023, 8 Logo, Retro Logo Design, Font Design Logo, Logo Design Inspiration Creative, Poster Design Layout
8 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2022
From illustration to multicolored gradients. Here are the top logo design trends predicted for 2022
graphic design trends envato
9 Creative Graphic Design Trends For 2022
Ready to explore the future of graphic design? Here are 9 innovative graphic design trends to watch over 2022.
the words color trend in front of a circular purple background with fluffy pink fur on it
8 Color Trends for 2022
Want to know which colors will dominate design in 2022? From pastel gradients to Y2K-inspired metallics, here are the top color trends to check out.
the front cover of an envato magazine with colorful abstract shapes and text that reads get the vibe 90's design trend
90s Graphic Design Trends Making a Comeback
Defined by so many different genres and styles, the 90s had a huge impact on design... so much so that graphic design trends continue to re-emerge. Ready to rewind? Check out the 90s design trends making a comeback in 2020.
the social media trend is coming up and it's time to get involved in advertising
9 Social Media Trends for 2022: from social video to content remixing
To help you make the most of #socialmedia platforms and their persuasive power, we’ve compiled a collection of social media trends that are set to shape the online landscape over the next 12 months – from #socialcommerce to content remixing.
an advertisement with sneakers and the words branding trends
Branding Trends 2022
8 Brilliant Branding Trends for 2022: From Quirky Design to Immersive Brand Experiences. Ready to make your branding brand new again? Reinvigorate tired branding with the biggest brand design trends of the year so far. head to @envato blog for more:
a blue background with the words which of these branding trends are you loving?
8 Brilliant Branding Trends 2022
From Quirky Design to Immersive Brand Experiences. Ready to make your #branding brand new again? Reinvigorate tired branding with the biggest brand #designtrends of the year so far. Find out more on our blog...
an image of a woman with sunglasses on her face and water drops around her head
Design Trend How Tos: How to Make a Crystal Effect in Photoshop
Create work that shines like a diamond with our latest design trend tutorial on @tutsplus: 'How to Make a Crystal Effect in @photoshop. 💎 Let's get started #designtrends #PSeffects #photoshop
the cover of an envato photoshop trend book, with text overlaying it
8 Cutting-Edge Photoshop Trends for 2021
Need some design inspiration? Here are some of the biggest trends we’re seeing across Photoshop design in 2021 as well as tips on how to use them.
a book cover with the words trend spotlight tie dye in white on a blue background
Trend Alert – Tie Dye
We're diving headfirst into the resurgence of #tie-dye. Tie-dye has become one of the biggest design trends of 2021 and is popping up everywhere from graphic design and branding to catwalks and luxury fashion lines. Find out all about one of the most ancient forms of decorating cloth #tiedye
the front cover of an envato trend spotlight line art book, featuring flowers
Line Art Drawings, Illustrations & Designs
Combining the simplicity of minimalism with the hand-crafted charm of illustration, line art is one of the biggest design trends of 2021... Find out more about this trend on our blog.
an orange and white cover with the words illustration trend 2021 on it
Illustration Trends 2021
The explosion of digital illustration has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for artists around the world. From #animation to crafty #collages, here are the top illustration trends for 2021.