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HandicraftRecordBook made this mesmerising hyperboloid with two coasters and elastic. #Instructables #workshop #education #STEM #toy
an object made out of sticks on a blue background
Kangaroo method for tensegrity dome?
tensegrity_prism.gh (13.0 KB) You weren’t far off. Here’s a file with a few fixes. The main thing was that you had gravity applied, but no floor, so it was just falling down off the screen. The new Kangaroo doesn’t need any timer attached - you just have the button to restart it and a toggle to turn it on or off. For a tensegrity system you want all the cables to be in tension, but in the form finding stage need to find a combination of tension values that holds it in shape, without collapsi
three different views of an architectural structure with black and white lines on the bottom, one showing
a model of a white structure on a black surface with mesh covering it's sides
Tensegrity dome-Diana Peña-Tees www.smia-experimental.com | Diana Peña - Tees | Archinect