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a person riding a bike next to an elephant statue with the words 7 awesome things to do in siem reap, cambodia
7 Awesome Things To Do in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Home of the renowned Angkor Temple complex Siem Reap lies in the northwestern part of Cambodia and is a favorite stopover in Southeast Asia for backpackers traveling by bus from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Phnom Penh. With so many unique things to experience in Siem Reap it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do. Below are 7 awesome bucket list items you should include on your itinerary. Where to stay in Cambodia? Check out this list.
a large building with many trees around it and water in the foreground, surrounded by palm trees
by B℮n on Flickr. The Gate of Triumph in...
The Gate of Triumph in Vientiane, Laos
an illustrated map of thailand with all the major cities and towns in each country's capital
map of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.... so much inspiration was born here!
there are many waterfalls in the water
10 of The Best Waterfalls in The World
Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang
people are hanging out in the water while others stand on branches above them and watch
Beauty of Vang Vieng, Laos Travel Tip, Vang Vieng Things To Do • EXPLORE LAOS
Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng, Laos
a lush green park filled with lots of statues
Minimalist Custom Maps
Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos | Easy Planet Travel - World travel made simple
many lanterns floating in the air at night
Lantern Festival in Thailand
Each November the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand transforms into the most mesmerizing lantern festival called yi peng
a person sitting on the floor in front of a bunk bed with text overlay that reads, ultimate list of the best hotels in vietnam
Best Hostels in Vietnam - From $6 (with PHOTOS!)
Ultimate List of The Best Hostels in Vietnam – From $6
an old gate in the middle of a rocky area with trees growing on top of it
The incredible marble mountains of #Vietnam. #Travel
a stone bridge over a lake surrounded by trees
the back side of a blue and yellow poster
Backpacker's Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos!