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an open notebook with drawings of two women on it and some markers next to them
a book with an image of a woman on it next to some markers and pens
Neimy Kanani (@neimykanani) / Twitter
a drawing of a clown and his companion
Neimy Kanani (@neimykanani) / Twitter
an open notebook with a drawing of a person looking at a bird flying over a city
an old paper with the words written in black ink on it and birds flying around
Witch Bestiary Page
an old paper with two mermaids and the words mermaid written in black ink on it
Mermaid Art |
an old paper with a drawing of a woman in a dress and a demon on it
Banshee Bestiary Page
a drawing of two women standing next to each other with the words vampire written on it
an old paper with some drawings on it