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a woman walking down a narrow alley way with a backpack on her back and the caption in arabic
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a man carrying bricks on his head with the words, the prophet said give the worker his wages before his sweet drives
the first ten days of dhul huuhah, written in english and arabic
The first 10 day of Dhul hijja
The Blessed Day Of Arafha and The blessed first 10 day of Dhul hijja day
there is a sign that says treat people with your mammars not theirs
Donate now to distribute hot meals to the people of G@za If you can’t Donate, SHARE‼️ This Ramadan, let’s extend our hands to those in… | Instagram
there's an arabic prove that goes
an image of colorful flowers in arabic
a person sitting on a bench in the middle of a room with an open door
an image of a painting with the words have you ever time for the one who created nature?
an old building with pink flowers in the foreground and a quote written on it