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Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, Nida Yasir, Ahsan Khan, Imran Abbas, Top Drama, Shahid Afridi, Mehndi Style, Maya Ali
Imran Abbas and Hiba Bukhari Star in See Prime's New Short film ‘Chahat’ | Dailyinfotainment
the screen is showing an image of people walking in front of a building
an ad for two days left dunk, with the caption's name on it
2 days left only
an ad for dunk is displayed on the screen
Can't wait to a most awaring drama of my queen ☺️
a man with a finger on his nose in front of a sign that says 3 days left dunk
ARY Digital on Instagram: “3️⃣ Days remaining... New drama serial #Dunk is starting from 23rd December, Wednesday at 8:00 PM only on #ARYDigital @bilalabbas_khan”
Good Looking Actors, Throwback Pictures, Pakistani Actresses, Work With Me, Feeling Insecure
"Most Pakistani Actresses Don't Want To Work With Me," Reveals Imran Abbas
an image of two people talking to each other with the caption's above them
Oh that scene was my fav😍✨
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a backdrop with stars
Coming soon#sanajaved#bilalabbas#dunk
an arabic calligraphy written in gold on a black and white background with stairs leading to a castle
the poster for an upcoming drama show, mujra kalwa and qeshs
an advertisement for the movie starring in arabic and english, with two men holding each other
Raaz-e-Ulfat 2020 Pakistan Dizisi
an arabic movie poster with a woman in brown dress and gold jewelry on her head
Ranjha Ranjha Kardi ShaAllah-Ost-Humtv.