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a garden with rocks and plants in the shape of a cat's face on it
Beach rock garden... Make this around a gazebo. - lackierte Steine geben Eindruck von Nässe
a small garden with rocks, plants and a fountain in the middle is displayed on a table
Understading About Bonsai in Cumberland Heights, Illinois
the temple, DIY
a garden with rocks and lit candles in it
Mini Japanese garden.
a buddha statue sitting on top of a moss covered rock
Love A Fair
#hamptonsentertaining #palmbeachentertaining
a lit lantern in the middle of a rock garden at night with rocks and grass
Quello che cerchi
Quello che cerchi
several different types of planters with plants in them
DIY Zen Gardens + Zen Garden Design Ideas
DIY zen garden. I might nestle an air plant into the sand rather than a cactus, though.