Doma jako venku // Bring outdoors inside

Nemůžete ven? Přineste si přírodu domů. Pokojovky, kokedamy, aerária, závěsná křesla, neopracované dřevo. #bringoutdoorsinside #nature #prirodnistyl…
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a moss ball with white flowers hanging from it's side on a dark background
a white bed topped with a pillow covered in colorful flowers
a painting of wildflowers in a field with blue sky and clouds above it
two white vases with green plants in them sitting on a tree stump, one is shaped like an egg
a wreath on the back of a wooden chair
a glass terrarium filled with succulents and rocks on a blue bench
Geometricky skleněný terárium "Love"
Bílý Geometricky skleněný terárium "Love" / od GreenStories |