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a close up of food on a plate with a fork and text overlay that reads sauerkraut lasagna
Creamy Ground Beef Sauerkraut Lasagna
This hearty sauerkraut lasagna is such a Minnesota comfort food! It's creamy, beefy, cheesy and tangy! Great for dinner and the leftovers are even better!
a cheesy pizza on a pan with one slice cut out and ready to be eaten
a white bowl filled with pasta and cheese on top of a colorful tablecloth covered table
Dr Pepper Spaghetti Recipe |
Dr. Pepper Spaghetti Recipe |
a green plate topped with lasagna covered in sauce and cheese next to tomatoes
Queso Taco Casserole Recipe |
Queso Taco Casserole Recipe |
an orange casserole dish on a red and white checkered napkin
Easy Cheesy Potatoes With Kielbasa Recipe |
Easy Cheesy Potatoes With Kielbasa Recipe |
this is an image of a casserole dish with potato chips in it and the title overlay reads, frito taco casserole
Frito Taco Casserole Recipe
Frito Taco Casserole Recipe
a white plate topped with macaroni and cheese covered in ground beef next to a fork
Best Hashbrown Beef Bake Recipe - $5 Dinners | Budget Friendly Recipes
Hashbrown Beef Bake
this easy lasagna noodle casserole is loaded with meat and cheese
Lasagna Noodle Casserole
A comforting, layered casserole of noodles, beef, cheese and spaghetti sauce. This Lasagna Noodle Casserole is well-loved and can easily be doubled to feed a crowd. #casserole #italian #beef #cheese #noodles via @tastesoflizzyt