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two children sleeping on an airplane seat with blindfolds over their eyes as they look out the window
why I love the Pinwheel phone
So this is an ode to the Pinwheel. We are have been loving this device for a solid year now and it has been the perfect answer for a first phone. If now is the right time to get a phone then you are in luck! Pinwheel has given me the code SIMPLYONPURPOSE for 10% off a phone. The best news is that this phone could totally last through high school. (And beyond! My 20 year old daughter has one and loves it!)
Useful Life Hacks, Motivation
How to parent a princess
Children don't see a difference between adult work & play
the tweet has been written to someone who is asking them what they are doing
Got nighttime nightmares with the kids?
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Have you seen this in your home? What small thing have you expressed gratitude for and it totally changed their day?
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Your words matter.