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a cruise ship in the water near mountains and ice floest with snow on them
16 Spring Break Cruises for Every Traveler and Every Budget
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a cruise ship in the ocean with mountains in the background
16 Spring Break Cruises for Every Traveler and Every Budget
#cruises #springbreak #travel #traveltips #wanderlust #bucketlist #worldtravel #cruisetravel #budgetcruises #luxurycruises #travelideas #adventure
a group of people on a raft in front of an iceberg
16 Spring Break Cruises for Every Traveler and Every Budget
#cruises #springbreak #travel #traveltips #wanderlust #bucketlist #worldtravel #cruisetravel #budgetcruises #luxurycruises #travelideas #adventure
two people walking in the woods with text overlay that reads don't screw it up this is the only way to see alaska
Don’t Screw It up: This Is the ONLY Way to See Alaska
#cruise #Alaska #smallcruise #cruisetips #cruiseideas #US #UnitedStates #travel #traveltips #travelinspiration #wanderlust #bucketlist #adventure #outdoors #nature
a sign that says, 13 crazy things you can do on the biggest cruise ship in the world
13 Crazy Things You Can Do on the Biggest Cruise Ship in the World
Robot bartenders, a 10-story slide, and 23 pools – what can’t you find on the biggest cruise ship in the world? #cruises #travel #traveltips #traveling #bucketlist
four different pictures with the title 7 ways to explore russia on a viking river cruise
7 Ways to Explore Russia on a Viking River Cruise
Reach for the tsars! #russia #cruises #russianrivercruises #tsars #travel #traveltips #bucketlist #adventure #cruise #wanderlust #traveling
a cruise ship in the water with text that reads, if things you didn't know you could do on a cruise ship
11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on a Cruise Ship
The high seas are riding the wave of all that’s trending on land—skydiving and ice bars included. #cruise #cruisetips #cruiseship #travel #traveltips #travelmore #wanderlust #bucketlist #adventure
palm trees are silhouetted against an orange and pink sunset
5 Reasons to Go on a Port-Intensive Cruise
5 Reasons to Go on a Port-Intensive Cruise
a cruise ship in the water with mountains in the background and text reading 8 reasons to go on a world cruise
8 Reasons to Go on a World Cruise
#Cruise #Travel
two elephants standing next to each other on a dirt field with grass in the background
Experience Africa on a Safari Cruise
On these itineraries, guests get the chance to explore the African wilds, setting out in search of the continent's exotic landscapes and legendary wildlife. #cruise #africa #safari
the front end of a boat with mountains in the background and text reading coastal norway's 10 coolest experiences
Coastal Norway’s 10 Coolest Experiences
Part cruise ship, part ferry, part commercial vessel, Hurtigruten offers offshore excursions at ports from Bergen to Alesund to Trondheim and many more. #Norway #Cruise
an outdoor swimming pool on the deck of a cruise ship at sunset or sunrise time
10 New Cruise Ships Sailing Europe This Year
The most remarkable new cruise ships sailing Europe this year. #cruise #europe #travel
an old church tower towering over the rooftops of colorful buildings in a small town
Everything You Need to Know About Cruising to Cuba
Everything you need to know about cruising to Cuba. #cuba #cruises
a cruise ship in the water with mountains behind it and text reading cruising 101 advice & tips to set sail
Cruises Home
Our Cruising 101 guide is the perfect resource for a first-timer or a seasoned cruise vet.
a cruise ship in the ocean with text that reads find the perfect cruise for you
Cruises Home
Make the most of your cruise with know-how, insights, and reviews.
a woman in a hat and sunglasses on a boat looking at the camera with a cruise ship in the background
How to Choose the Right Cruise - Fodor's Five
VIDEO - learn how to choose the right cruise for you.
a woman sitting on the back of a boat holding a piece of food in her hand
6 Ways to Save on WiFi While Cruising
Cruise lines have begun making their wifi more reliable and affordable. While some lines offer more affordable packages for WiFi service, others entice travelers with incentive plans and reward loyal cruisers with complimentary minutes. Here are six ways to save money the next time you go on a cruise.
the cruise ship cabin chart is shown in blue and white, with information about what it's supposed to be
Cruise Ship Cabins
Your choice of cabin, or stateroom, is likely to be a major factor in how well you enjoy your cruise. Cruise ship cabins come with variations in four basic categories (inside, outside, balcony, or suite), which vary in size and quality by cruise line and ship.
the cruise lines by type chart is shown in blue and orange, with an anchor on top
Cruise Lines by Type
Each cruise line has a unique personality that will appeal to different lifestyles.
cruise ships by size chart for each ship in the world, and how to use them
Cruise Ships by Size
The size of the ship—large, midsize, or small—affects pretty much every other aspect of the cruise: how many fellow passengers you'll share your vacation with, the onboard dining and entertainment options, the activities you'll be offered, and even the ports of call you can visit.
a cruise ship is docked at the beach
The Everything Guide to Planning a Cruise
Whether you're a cruising veteran or an absolute beginner, you'll find everything you need to prepare for your next floating getaway here and in our exhaustive Cruising 101 guide.
two lounge chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to the ocean with an umbrella
10 Incredible Yachts That Sail Around the World
Here are ten yachts to consider if you seek the ultimate in personalized service and intimate access to destinations around the globe.
small desserts on a white plate with green leafy garnish and sauce
10 Best Specialty Dining Options on Cruises
Cruise lines are increasingly offering specialty dining options that bring a new standard of excellence to the seas. Though not included covered by the all-inclusive rate, these restaurants offer high-end, intimate dining experiences at reasonable prices. For your next cruise, choose one of these these cruise-ship restaurants.
a large white boat floating on top of a river next to lush green hillsides
5 Reasons Smaller Cruises Might Be Right for You
Bigger isn’t always better—especially, for certain types of travelers, when it comes to cruise ships. While large cruise lines do offer some amazing amenities—from Broadway-style productions to lavish spas to sprawling ice-skating rinks—sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. We talked to some industry experts who agree: If any of the below apply to you, consider booking your next sail on a smaller ship.
a large cruise ship with fireworks on it's side
Cruise Preview: ‘Viking Star’
A tour of Viking Ocean Cruises' ship, the Viking Star.
a large colorful vase sitting on top of a marble floor next to a staircase in a building
6 Cruise Lines With Amazing Art Collections
Forget unlimited food. These cruise lines have amazing art collections.
a life preserver is on the deck of a cruise ship at night with mountains in the background
How to Choose the Right Cruise for You
Tips for choosing the right cruise.
a cruise ship is docked at the beach
7 Reasons Cruising Is a Great Way to See the World
Cruising is a great way to see the world.
an island in the middle of a body of water with a large boat on it
10 Best River Cruises for 2015
River cruise options are exploding with new ships, itineraries, and excursions.
a woman wearing sunglasses and a straw hat smiles at the camera in front of a cruise ship
10 Things Not to Do on a Cruise
Don't waste time and money on costly gimmicks. Here's what not to do on a cruise.