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the underside of an overpass with birds flying in the air above it and on top of the bridge
Urban Pachyderm
C o n c r e t e P a c y d e r m
an image of a black and white scene with mirrors in the grass at night time
Mirror Houses | Peter Pichler Architecture
Peter Pichler Architecture | Mirror Houses, 2014 | Bolzano, Italy
two tall buildings in the middle of a foggy sky
Palace of the Soviets
Lake Shore Drive Apartments, Chicago | Mies van der Rohe
black and white photograph of an abstract building
Photography inspiration | #565
space & beyond by Nick Frank, via Behance
an abstract black and white photo of a building's facade with many vertical lines
SNAKE RANCH - dromik: Andrew Bagley photography.
black facade Something very musical about it, I guess it just reminded me of piano keys.
black and white photograph of the inside of an old building with water reflecting off it's floor
Alter Ego
Michigan Central Station