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a police car parked in front of a tall building with lights on it's sides
Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theate - Google Suche
the sun is setting behind an industrial area with smokestacks and scaffolding
Construction Yard: City by aRchAng3lZz on DeviantArt
Construction Yard: City by ~aRchAng3lZz on deviantART
a man is walking down the street in front of a building that has vertical lines on it
Photography series aim to preserve Eastern Bloc architecture
a snowy landscape with mountains in the background and an open window at the end that is lit up
Øvre Forsland and Bjørnstokk Power Stations | Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor AS | Archello
an empty parking lot with a gas station in the background on a foggy day
Leuchtender Rahmen um das Häuschen? Variante für Anfangsstimmung oder eine vergleichbar dunkle Stimmung - Treffen mit Clarisse beispielsweise
a very tall building that is in the middle of nowhere
Hier sind die 33 schönsten verlassenen Orte der Welt. Diese echten Ruinen ... -
Hier sind die 33 schönsten verlassenen Orte der Welt. Diese echten Ruinen ...
a very tall building sitting on the side of a hill next to a dirt road
Proizvod by Justin Zeit
Proizvod by Justin Zeit
two large white sculptures in the middle of a foggy park
#BRUTgroup auf Instagram: „@socmonumentalart Kosmaj monument, Serbia (1970). The Kosmaj Monument (Kosmaj Spomenik in Serbian), is made of six freestanding concrete…“
the building is made out of concrete blocks and has windows on each side that look like hexagonal cubes
#BRUTgroup auf Instagram: „@socheritage Russia, Dombai, Rehabilitation center, 1985 #brutgroup photo via #socialistmodernism“
a manhole hole in the ground next to a body of water with trees in the background
#BRUTgroup auf Instagram: „@utilitarianarchitecture Plughole Overflow for the Ladybower Reservoir, Upper Derwent Valley, Derbyshire. UK #brutgroup photo via…“
a car is driving down the road in front of some strange shaped buildings that look like nuclear power plants
#BRUTgroup auf Instagram: „#brutgroup work by Simon Stalenhag via Jérôme Bucka‎“
a man standing in the snow next to a tall building with a giant triangular structure on it
#BRUTgroup (@brutgroup) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos