Analytics are important for successful online marketing. Here are some facts and ideas.
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Predictive intelligence can help businesses discover the demand peaks for their products that are not related to traditional seasons. We use Pythia AI to search for peaks in consumer demand for specific products of clients. This information is particularly helpful for launch campaigns and also pathfinder marketing.
Artificial intelligence can deliver valuable input to your market research. Software that is built on neural networks with machine learning capabilities can help improve your predictive decision-making in marketing, retail, and product development.
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For German online marketers, a day has 4 billion and 452 million minutes. That’s the time 53 million German consumers (age 16-64) spend on social media. Every day.* That’s plenty of time for marketers to get their attention. If you know where they are and how to approach them. Contact us for online opportunities to reach consumers in Germany and the DACH region. * average daily consumption (source: Datareportal, digital Germany 2021)
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Pythia is an AI-based consumer research tool that enables companies to predict peaks in consumer demand. It's very useful for planning campaigns and organizing product availability at the PoS. GCVB is proud to support Pythia with content marketing in the DACH region. We also work with her when clients need her predictive intelligence.
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Consumer market Germany
WHERE 53 IS A GOOD NUMBER. Is 53 a good number? Our answer: Yes, it is. In Germany. 53 is an excellent number in Germany. It's one millionth of Germany's consumer market. If you knew how to inspire 53 German consumers every hour of the day, you'd soon have a solid customer base. And now imagine going for a thousandth. Talk to us about your online marketing opportunities in Germany. Your initial online meeting is free of charge.
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Brand Search
70% of German consumers use search engines to get their info on brands. With such high usage by consumers, you need to make sure that your brand is visible in the top section of search engines results pages.
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Target groups in Germany
Exporting to foreign markets, you want to know your buyers. There are many questions you can and should ask about your (potential) buyers. Is the group of people you're currently targeting in the DACH region really the group of people who are purchasing your products? Or are there other groups that might have a higher sales potential? And where will they look for products like yours? Contact us, if you'd like to find out more about your (potential) buyer groups in the German-speaking markets.
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Favorability Analytics and Online Marketing
Analytics is an extremely valuable element of future-proofed online marketing. Knowing what consumers want and when they will prefer to buy it will help you adapt your offer to consumer needs.