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two bowls filled with different types of food and the words eier - knoblauch sauce
chicken in koko - limen sauce with lemons and cilantro on the side
Hähnchen in Kokos-Limetten-Sauce
a steak with gravy and fries on a plate
Filetsteak mit Sauce Café de Paris
sauce hollandaise in 5 minutes is the best way to use it for dinner
Sauce hollandaise - einfach und blitzschnell
two jars filled with different types of sauce
Perfekt für Pommes: Joppie-Soße
steak, sauce and vegetables on a plate with text overlay that reads how to cook beef
Pfeffersauce | berühmte Steaksoße selber machen
some food on a white plate with yellow sauce in the middle and an image of fish
Senfsoße zu Fisch
an assortment of food on a plate including potatoes, ham, and celery
Soßen: Bozener Soße nach Luis´ Art - Rezept
Soßen: Bozener Soße nach Luis´ Art - Rezept - Bild Nr. 5616
a white plate topped with a lemon covered in sauce
Soße nach Hausfrauenart für Matjes von Oldiekiste| Chefkoch
6h 15m
someone is stirring cheese into a pot on the stove
a metal gravy dish with onions on a wooden cutting board
Karamellisierte Zwiebelsoße
dill soup in a white bowl with an orange border
a white gravy dish with spoons on a wooden table
Portweinsoße (für Gänse- bzw. Geflügelgerichte)
two white bowls filled with soup on top of a wooden table
a close up of a plate of food with broccoli and meat patties
Kirmes-Knoblauchsoße von Julien92| Chefkoch
Kirmes-Knoblauchsoße von Julien92 | Chefkoch