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a woman is knitting with her hands on the edge of a crochet bag
a knitted sweater with ducks on it and a pink object in the corner next to it
a white hat with a black and grey pom - pom sitting on top of it
a sweater with horses on it sitting on top of a stand in front of some tents
Islandpullover mit töltendem Pferd
a knitted hat with yellow chicks on it sitting on top of a kitchen counter
hilaryp's Rubber ducky, you're the one.
a red and white knitted blanket next to a ball of yarn on a table
Argyle Cowl Knitting Pattern
a brown and white knitted hat sitting on top of a wooden table
BROWN hat with white horses / unisex beanie with horse motif / gift for horse riding lover
Brown hat with white horses. Unisex beanie with horse motif. Perfect gift for horse riding lover - men or woman. Autumn hat made of a alpaca and wool blend. Knitted winter hat in Scandinavian style with white horses pattern. Handmade in Poland from high quality wool and alpaca blend.