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there are many candles that are lit in the candle holder on the table with dishes
a drawing of flowers with women in them
Fan Association's - Hand Fans in John and Carolyn Grossman Collection
a wooden cutting board with pink ribbon bows and a pencil on the table next to it
several necklaces and brooches are laying on a floral print cloth with ribbons
IG: romneyellen 💌
an outdoor table with tea cups and cookies on it
a dining room table is set with dishes and candles for tea party or bridal
a dining room table and chairs in front of a window with the lights on at night
a cat sleeping on top of a bed under a pink blanket with the words give yourself time to rest
the dining room table is set with white dishes and place settings for four people to eat
a mirror that has some candles on it in front of a red wall with two mirrors