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there are many different types of fish on this page, including one for the pinterest
July 2011 – mellebugandme
sock fish game (magnets stuffed in near the mouth). Great idea for socks that have lost their match!
a tie - dyed t - shirt is sitting on a table next to plastic cups
Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers!
Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol. Cooler than tie dye
two knitted mittens and a stuffed bear are shown in this photo, one is white with multi - colored stripes
Christmas times. :)
Cute idea to use those poor little matchless gloves we always end up with each year! I have these gloves!
how to make paper hearts on facebook
Nice to know!
a pile of rocks with different designs on them
TechSurgeons - Access Blocked
Red Ted Art's Blog » Blog Archive craft ideas for boys » Red Ted Art's Blog. Make these stones and store in a bag for a fun game. Can also make "ABC" stones.
two oranges sitting on top of a table next to each other with candles in them
Eco Housekeeping Tip #55: Orange Lanterns! 1. Cut an orange in half and remove the orange. Be sure to leave the inner stem intact. This will be your wick. 2. Once orange is removed, blow dry the peel to get all the water out. 3. Fill orange peel 3/4 up with olive oil leaving the tip above the oil. 4. Light the wick (this may take a couple tries). As the wick burns the peel will stiffen. As long as there is oil, it'll burn! #craft #orange #diy #diy #craft
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a white shelf next to a yellow square clock
DIY: Paper Plate Clock
DIY: Paper Plate Clock | Momtastic
the word love spelled with scrabbles on top of a black box sitting on a wooden table
Magnetic Letters...
Magnets made from scrabble letters. Great idea for the kiddos.
an old metal box with a girl skiing on it
Ice-skating rink from an altoid tin
small world land: Ice-skating rink from an altoid tin. As close to snow as we're gonna get here in the south.
two pieces of green plastic sitting next to each other on a red surface with a penny in the middle
Math Misunderstandings
Wish I could say I thought of this! It really works - my kindergartners know it after 3 days!!!
several different types of sewing needles are arranged on a white surface with buttons and thread spools
button bobby pins
What to do with old buttons. Wash, stitch the button on, use super glue.
five different necklaces with charms attached to them
Use Sharpie to write on the washer, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Simple. Could do kids' or grandkids' names
black and white photograph of dices stacked on top of each other
45 math games using dice