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an article with the words repentance written in black and white, on a gray background
Spiritual warfare prayers are often used by believers to seek protection, deliverance, and strength
prayer prayers prayer journal prayer beads prayer for healing prayer journal ideas prayer plant prayer journals prayer journaling prayer life prayers and support prayer for husband encouragement prayer for boyfriend relationships prayers for teens prayer for family prayer for peace prayer for my relationship prayer for a husband prayer for my future husband prayer future husband prayer for husband future prayer for hope prayer rug prayer mat prayer for others
a black background with the words morning prayer written in yellow on it and an image of a
Morning Prayer
pray over this and anything else you need that day. try to actually get out of bed before you pray or else you’ll fall asleep. Also remember praying isnt a checklist, its talking to God, this is simply a guide
a flyer for a children's church with photos of people and the words prayer for discernment for your adult children
Prayer for Discernment for Your Adult Children
This sample prayer can help you pray for your adult child's discernment.
the text on top of a card reads, morning prayer lord i ask you to remove every bit of procrasition and lazines from my mind
Morning Prayer
A prayer to begin your which ensures you start with the right mindset