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the letter t is for trakka worksheet with an upper and lower case
Candy Cane Writing in the Snow * ages 3+ ⋆ Raising Dragons
Candy canes make great writing tools in this fun, sensory writing tray activity! #sensoryplay #preschool #kindergarten
two hands are holding a match up game with letters and words on it that spell out the word i am b h r y
CVC Words Activity
We have an easy CVC words activity for kids to share with you today, one that can be used in many ways so it makes a great teaching aid.
several pieces of paper with words written on them are arranged in the shape of squares
Actividades Manipulativas para fomentar conciencia fonológica
Aprender jugando. Juegos y actividades manipulativas para fomentar la conciencia fonológica. Correspondencia grafía-fonema.
four matchsticks arranged in the shape of an x and y with colored balls on them
Match uppercase and lowercase letters with pushpins and rubberbands to promote fine-motor development and letter recognition.
the letters are arranged in different colors and sizes
Resultado de imagem para jogos de alfabetização confeccionados
the spelling boxes are filled with letters and numbers
Little Spelling Box
These DIY spelling boxes are perfect for kids working on sight words at home or in the classroom.
a young child is playing with a red plastic spoon on top of a sheet of paper
Find the Letter & Swat It! Active Way for Learning Letters!
Find the Letter & Swat It! Since there is no benefit to young children knowing letter names, I'd use letter sounds {phonograms} instead!
a child standing on the floor with letters in front of them and an image of a rainbow hop letter sounds game
Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game
Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Alphabet Game. Practice letter sounds with this fun literacy learning activity!