Teaching global citizenship

Resources for teachers to teach global citizenship, international issues and cultural understanding to their students.
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a poster with the words prepare your students for international travel and an image of two children
The Best Educational Materials to Prepare Your Students for Travel
Use these educational materials to help your students discuss various scenarios and navigate cultural differences they may encounter during international travel!
the spanish class activities are fun and easy for kids to do with their own hands
Learn About Alfombras de Guatemala for the Perfect Spanish Class Activity
Alfombras de Guatemala - Guatemalan Carpets The most beautiful and colorful activity to engage your Spanish students in Guatemalan culture!
several microphones are shown with the words teaching journalists and press freedom in front of them
Teach the importance of press freedom and journalism
Read about why it's vital to teach students the importance of press freedom and why this is critical to a democracy. Read about the successful unit that I created for my Spanish Language Arts class.
cooking with languages tips to help kids can learn languages in the kitchen
Helping Kids Learn Languages in the Kitchen
Do you like to cook? Does your child love helping out in the kitchen? Here are some fantastic tips to help your child learn a language while cooking!