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two pictures of a white dog with ducklings in front of him and on the ground
Cutest. Thing. Ever. -
a small rodent sitting on top of a wooden table next to pink and white flowers
Flower Petals
I love this happy little face! <3
three different pictures of two mice and one rat sleeping on the same bed, both in blankets
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
the stuffed animal is being held by another teddy bear and then laying down in hay
Meanwhile, here’s something that could melt your heart and kill you…
a baby hippopotamus in a blue tub being fed
two pictures one with a mouse and the other with a stuffed animal
Jeder braucht einen Freund...
a tiny monkey sitting on top of someone's finger in the palm of their hand
liliput äffchen
an adult and baby monkey sitting on top of a tree
Javan Langur (Baby Owi)
Javan Langur (via mostlymacros)
an abstract photograph of food on the table
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Animals should always stay in their baby form…