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Traveling around the world in our awesome adventuremobile (Mercedes/Puch G-Class)
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an aerial view of people sitting in the back of a blue truck near the ocean
G-Class in Albania
At the beginning of our trip we found this amazing #campspot directly at the sea in Albania. What more do you want?
an off road vehicle driving through the desert
G-Class in Iran
Driving through totally remote places in Iran was so much fun. We really felt in love with this amazing country.
an rv is parked on the beach by the ocean with food and drinks in it
G-Class in Malaysia
Having our kitchen on wheels, means always being ready to cook our favorite meal no matter where we are. Even better, when we are directly on the beach like here in Malaysia.
an aerial view of a blue truck parked on the side of a hill next to water
G-Class in Greece
Greece did not only convince us with its beautiful coastline, we also loved to explore its mountainous inland and found this quiet #campspot at a charming lake.
an off - road vehicle is driving through the mud
G-Class in Indonesia
Some roads in Indonesia surely leave some room for improvement 😉 Well, we don't mind - the worse the conditions, the better the performance of our car.
a truck driving down a road next to a pile of garbage and street signs in the background
G-Class in Tibet
The countless mountain passes that we crossed in Tibet meant hard work for our old #GWagon. We constantly drove on around 4000 m altitude, several times even beyond 5000 m. The jaw-dropping landscape in this part of the world was worth the strain, and our G did master it like everything on our trip: slow but persistent.
a woman standing next to a truck with a tent on it's back in the woods
G-Class in Laos
On our journey through Southeast Asia, we were most of the time accompanied by a sweltering heat. The Bolaven plateau in Laos was one of the few areas where pleasant temperatures prevailed. When we found this well hidden #campspot right on a small waterfall, we had no doubts that we would stay longer than only one night.
a truck with a camper on top driving down a dirt road in the desert
G-Class in Iran
Spending a night on a completely remote #campspot like this one in Iran, is one of the things we currently miss the most. Just us and the wilderness - that's priceless.
an suv parked on the side of a dirt road with mountains in the back ground
G-Class in Georgia
Driving through the Svaneti Region in Georgia reminded us a lot of our home country Austria.
a blue jeep parked on the side of a road
G-Class in Greece
One of the best things about #overlanding is the ability to just stop wherever you are and whenever you want, to take a break and enjoy the view.
a truck driving down a dirt road in the middle of desert with mountains in the background
G-Class in Tajikistan
If you think of a highway, then you certainly do not have such road conditions in mind which you can find in the Pamir Mountains. Even if the "Pamir Highway" is the second highest altitude highway in the world, connecting Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, it essentially consists only of dust, gravel and potholes. But that didn't matter to us, as it was the most stunning road that we have driven so far. And at least there are two lanes. Sometimes 😉
two men standing in front of a black truck
G-Class in Iran
Two years ago we had one of the most remarkable and unforgettable encounters in Iran. It's a story of making friends on the road and how the Sarpoolaki family saved our trip. The wonderful experience we made in the workshop of Salim and Soroush Sarpoolaki is not easy to put into words, but we tried it in a previously published Instagram-Story.
an off road vehicle parked on the side of a dirt road next to the ocean
G-Class in Greece
At the beginning of our trip we crossed through beautiful Greece. To be frank, it was quite a surprise to us, that it was no problem at all to find superb spots for wild camping there. Often directly on the beach, with no or only a few other people around.
an off - road vehicle is parked on the side of a dirt road with mountains in the background
G-Class in Tajikistan
Driving the M41 in Tajikistan - better known as the Pamir Highway - was an epic experience. The landscape there is unique and just mind blowing.
an off - road vehicle is parked in the desert
G-Class in Iran
Looks like snow, but no, it's salt. Bad for our #GWagon but for us it was an unforgettable experience driving around this salt lake in #Iran two years ago.